Red Lentil Mashed Potatoes

Red Lentil Mashed Potatoes - simple and easy side dish for any day!

In this time of the year we are gathering festive recipes for our tables. May it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah or some other occasion, it is always nice to throw in a nice bowl of something else, to have few side dishes to chose from. Mashed potatoes are classic dish around the world and there’s […]

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How does it feel to be Vegan?

Being vegan feels free, peaceful, healthy and more in harmony with nature and thyself. 

Under a title like that, one would expect an article about health and environment issues, benefits and results. Although it’s all more than evident, the focus of my today’s post is about something else. It’s about just what it says – how does it feel to be Vegan? How do you feel yourself, inside out? […]

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Vegan Butternut & Cauliflower Curry

Vegan Butternut&Cauliflower Curry, without Coconut milk. Easy, quick, delicious and hearty dish to whip up any day!

Now how about some Curry today? Curry every day, if you ask my family! This one is made so easy and simple with two autumn staples: Butternut and Cauliflower. They both have nice and subtle taste that can easily be enriched with great spices and condiments and whipped up in a great, hearty dish in […]

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