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17 Vegan Christmas Dishes

17 Vegan Christmas Dishes - best choice from my fellow food blogger's recipes!

Beautiful, vegan and festive Christmas dishes for your holidays! Gathered from my fellow vegan blogger’s best choices, just for you, just for this Christmas! Have you started planning your festive meals yet? Or are you going to, as we say in Croatia, “follow your nose” and cook in the spur of the moment and inspiration? […]

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20 Vegan Christmas Desserts

20 VEGAN CHRISTMAS DISHES - the best holiday recipes from my fellow vegan bloggers!

  Christmas is coming! I bet you already started baking cookies and planning what sweets you are going to sweeten this holiday with! Here I present you with the best sweet choice from my fellow vegan food bloggers. With this post and a few words, I want to thank you all, dear people, for reading […]

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The Simplest Garlic Broccoli Pasta

Vegan Garlic Broccoli Pasta. Easy, tasty, nutritious and green plate scented with heavenly garlic and olive oil. Done in a quick minute!

There’s nothing simpler than pasta and garlic on some olive oil, but how about some broccoli on top? Yup. And that’s all to it. After all that holiday cooking, it’s time for a little break, don’t you think? For dishes that have nothing much about it’s recipe and are done in a sec? Ones that […]

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Vegan Lemon Banana Cookies

Vegan Lemon Banana Cookies, all soft with little crispiness, flakey, scented with beautiful and sparkly lemon juice and zest!

Seems like this is the cookies time of the year! And I love it. Cookies everywhere. With all kinds of yummy stuff both inside and outside. Beautifly decorated, made in warmth of your cozy kitchen, especially with your little ones around. This year December got to be anything but cosy and relaxed for me, rather […]

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Red Lentil Mashed Potatoes

Red Lentil Mashed Potatoes - simple and easy side dish for any day!

In this time of the year we are gathering festive recipes for our tables. May it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah or some other occasion, it is always nice to throw in a nice bowl of something else, to have few side dishes to chose from. Mashed potatoes are classic dish around the world and there’s […]

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