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Baked potatoe salad

Baked potatoe&veggie salad

Well, of course baked potatoe salad is nothing new, letalone some recipe, right? In Croatia people would say, “To je topla voda”, which means, “That’s warm water”. Meaning, that’s invented long time ago. So yes, baked potatoe salad is warm water in terms of invention and originality but I’ll rather think of it as a […]

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Tabasco inspired Peperoncini hot sauce

When you need some hot sauce and your pantry is not feeling generous. Make something out of almost nothing, and make it hot!

  There’s been much debate these days about naming recipes. Namely, when you make something inspired by something that is not quite like original stuff and how far can you go when naming your recipe. Namely because you tweaked, changed or adjusted ingredients and methods. So the question was, where is the line to determine […]

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