The Simplest Vegan French Toast

The simplest Vegan French Toast for your most delicious breakfast! Soft, warm and golden savoury slices of bread will make your day even warmer!

I believe that french toast is among the first things that will remind us of childhood breakfasts. How many slices did our parents and grandparents made for us? It was one of those simplest things in kitchen that we were helping with our little hands. Now it’s all a bit different, but only a bit: […]

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Whole Wheat Naan

Whole Wheat Naan. Soft, moist and elastic, rustic and nutty flavoured, specked with some black cumin seeds, with some yoghurt or veggies, so hard to resist!

Do you like Naan? Oh, we do. The softness, the elasticity, beautiful moist that yoghurt gives it. And those pretty little dark specks all over it! Who could resist? So I always make bigger batches. Not because we eat it all at once, but because Naan holds pretty nice for another day or two if you […]

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