17 Vegan Christmas Dishes

17 Vegan Christmas Dishes - best choice from my fellow food blogger's recipes!

Beautiful, vegan and festive Christmas dishes for your holidays! Gathered from my fellow vegan blogger’s best choices, just for you, just for this Christmas! Have you started planning your festive meals yet? Or are you going to, as we say in Croatia, “follow your nose” and cook in the spur of the moment and inspiration? […]

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The Simplest Vegan French Toast

The simplest Vegan French Toast for your most delicious breakfast! Soft, warm and golden savoury slices of bread will make your day even warmer!

I believe that french toast is among the first things that will remind us of childhood breakfasts. How many slices did our parents and grandparents made for us? It was one of those simplest things in kitchen that we were helping with our little hands. Now it’s all a bit different, but only a bit: […]

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