Kimchi! Korean fermented cabagge. Super healthy, full of fibres, vitamines, vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy stuff! Spicy, juicy, versatile, you gotta try it if you already didnt'!

Ladies and gentleman, It’s Majesty, The Kimchi! Of course, I had no idea what Kimchi was before I found Maangchi’s You Tube channel. Long before I went vegan, I made lots of her recipes and they all were flawless! Later on, when I omitted animal products, there were still lot’s of recipes to chose from […]

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The Simplest Homemade Oat Milk (V)

Hands down the simpleas and cheapest way to make homemade oat milk for your vegan latte, tea, other beverages, pancakes, baking, cooking... you name it!

When I went vegan, my first concern was milk. Well, you have to have your lattes right? So I searched for a nice, cheap and always available substitute. I found this recipe among may other Ryoya’s recipes I’ve already tried and really liked. His blog is The Peaceful cuisine and you should really check it […]

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The Simplest Garlic Broccoli Pasta

Vegan Garlic Broccoli Pasta. Easy, tasty, nutritious and green plate scented with heavenly garlic and olive oil. Done in a quick minute!

There’s nothing simpler than pasta and garlic on some olive oil, but how about some broccoli on top? Yup. And that’s all to it. After all that holiday cooking, it’s time for a little break, don’t you think? For dishes that have nothing much about it’s recipe and are done in a sec? Ones that […]

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17 Vegan Christmas Dishes

17 Vegan Christmas Dishes - best choice from my fellow food blogger's recipes!

Beautiful, vegan and festive Christmas dishes for your holidays! Gathered from my fellow vegan blogger’s best choices, just for you, just for this Christmas! Have you started planning your festive meals yet? Or are you going to, as we say in Croatia, “follow your nose” and cook in the spur of the moment and inspiration? […]

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20 Vegan Christmas Desserts

20 VEGAN CHRISTMAS DISHES - the best holiday recipes from my fellow vegan bloggers!

  Christmas is coming! I bet you already started baking cookies and planning what sweets you are going to sweeten this holiday with! Here I present you with the best sweet choice from my fellow vegan food bloggers. With this post and a few words, I want to thank you all, dear people, for reading […]

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Vegan Leftover Meatloaf

Vegan Leftover Meatloaf. Delicious, hearty, juicy and spicy. And what's more, so easy to make and use all those leftovers from the fridge!

Another vegan meatloaf, you say? Well, not the ordinary one. By ordinary, I mean not with lentils and stuff, rather with what you can find among your leftover containers in the fridge and your spice rack. To be clear, I do love red lentil meatloafs and they are great. I have one of those pending […]

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