Lemon & Ginger Chia Fresca

Lemon&Ginger Chia Fresca is eager to refresh, hydrate and cool you down in thursty summer days! Zesty, spicy, all the way healthy, makes an ideal beverage!

You’ve all heard about lemon – ginger combo that “miraculously” makes you lose weight, right? Well, I don’t know about that. I mean, I drank so much lemons and gingers that I should have been a top model by now and yet… akhem… I’m not. And that’s the least of my worries. I just make […]

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Vegan Chickpea Shakshuka from Yumsome

Packed with all the right, healthy and yummy ingredients, this Vegan Chickpea Shakshuka will stand proudly at any all day or festive table!

Chickpea, we love you, chickpea! In any assembly, and in Vegan Chickpea Shakshuka, we love you even more! I found this great recipe at my friend Nico’s beautiful blog Yumsome in February and made it many times ever since! Such a simple dish to make but so rich with great ingredients, spices, textures and tastes, I […]

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30 LUSCIOUS vegan fruit desserts

(Trumpets here, please) Ladies and gentleman, here I present you with no less but 30 Luscious Vegan Summer Fruit Desserts from my fellow food blogger’s best choices! The best of the best, the sweetest of the sweet, featuring vibrant and juicy summer fruit! Summer is here, with all it’s shiny, healthy produce. Are you ready […]

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Strawberry Cucumber Smoothie

Strawberry Cucumber Smoothie - Sweet strawberries and cool cucumber, hand in hand, make this vibrant, refreshing and invigorating glass of health and delight! 

  As short as it sounds, as simple this strawberry cucumbler smoothie is: just whizzz everything up in your food processor and your’re done! And what do you get from this whizzing? Sweet strawberries and cool cucumber, hand in hand, make this vibrant, refreshing and invigorating glass of health and delight! Summer is here, bursting […]

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Whole Wheat Naan

Whole Wheat Naan. Soft, moist and elastic, rustic and nutty flavoured, specked with some black cumin seeds, with some yoghurt or veggies, so hard to resist!

Do you like Naan? Oh, we do. The softness, the elasticity, beautiful moist that yoghurt gives it. And those pretty little dark specks all over it! Who could resist? So I always make bigger batches. Not because we eat it all at once, but because Naan holds pretty nice for another day or two if you […]

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Vegan Cornmeal Vanilla Pudding

Creamy, silky and delicious, topped with your favourite fruit, this Cornmeal Vanilla Pudding is your easy, quick and vibrant breakfast or snack!

I’m sure you’ll gonna like this Cornmeal Pudding, for sure! Ok, I said for sure twice, not because I think someone who doesn’t like corn anything will like it for sure, but my kids adored it, and if you’re anything like corn loving person, you’ll gonna love it to. Because it’s delicious, creamy and silky […]

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