The Blogger Recognition Award

Upon entering wide world blog world with my blog Mirisna Teka I met so much new, great people and learned new things, new customs, new dishes and recipes. Much of that I can thank to food blogger games that run in my corner of the world, which is Croatia but also Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro […]

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Tabasco inspired Peperoncini hot sauce

When you need some hot sauce and your pantry is not feeling generous. Make something out of almost nothing, and make it hot!

  There’s been much debate these days about naming recipes. Namely, when you make something inspired by something that is not quite like original stuff and how far can you go when naming your recipe. Namely because you tweaked, changed or adjusted ingredients and methods. So the question was, where is the line to determine […]

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Rice, rice! Fluffy, sticky or baked.

I can’t stop eating rice. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I just can’t stop eating rice for breakfast, for lunch, for everything. Rice, rice, rice. I don’t have many sorts in my pantry so it’s either basmati or arborio, or some no name cheap mushy-when-cooked rice, but rice it is. Mostly […]

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Rice coffee or the tale of the tail

Rice Coffee! Creamy beverage rich with foamy, nutty aroma!

When a Croatian child wants to drink coffee, his parents will most probably tell him: „Don’t! Or you’ll grow yourself a tail.“ That’s what I’ve been told, that’s what I heard being told to children all over the country in the last, ahem, few decades of my life. „Don’t drink coffee, or you’ll get a […]

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Vegan Chia Doughnuts. Bomboloni with Jam.

Well now. Doughnuts. In Croatia, February is a doughnut month. The sweet and crazy time of Carnival before Lent stops it and clears the road for Easter. There are so many different places, ways and customs in Croatia that will take you to that colourfull and vibrant Carnival world. Carnivals in Rijeka, Samobor, Dubrovnik. But […]

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Hi, world!

Or at least, those are the words I found here upon installing this blog. So, let’s go from there. And what words will you find here? Well. My name is Mari and I’m stay at home mom. I cook all day anyway, so sharing my kitchen stories comes naturally. Dishes on our table are vegetarian […]

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