Our little pet story: meet Mr Cucumber and Sir Nicholas!

Do you have pets?

Oh, I didn’t. For all my life. Till now, to be precise. My parents never allowed me to, even though we lived in a house with a nice backyard, garden and an orchard too. One of those little big sorrows you have as a child and forget about it later. Or not, to be precise. Because there comes a time in life when you remember or life makes you to. And suddenly everything falls into place and your inner child is happy.

That’s what happened here too.

Sir Nicholas

First, there came the dog. I never thought of myself having a dog. I was busy, I was raising my child alone, I was all over the place and out of my head, trying to make the ends meet. And now, when I have a beautiful family of four, some more love has to be shared, don’t you think? So one day I was just scrolling the Facebook groups and saw all those calls to adopt the little strayed, abandoned creatures. And you can’t just look away, do you? And one pic after another… and you know how it goes.

Suddenly, I saw this cute little Shih Tzu puppy with the most beautiful, translucent green eyes ever! Can you imagine? So I called the lady and she said, you know, no one wanted him?! What?! said I. Yes, said she, everyone wants only little white fluffy dogs and this one is so beautiful, so beautiful. Well, said I, he waited for me, I guess. One simply cannot resist those deep, translucent eyes. Cucumber green eyes. I’ll call him, Mr Cucumber. Uhm… OK, said the lady laughing, you got that right.

Mr Cucumber

It was a love at first sight.

So we brought our little Mr Cucumber or Kookie, as we like to call him, home. We got him a nice little soft bed, few fuzzy blankets and squeaky toys and in just a matter of hours, he got to know all of us and our home. He did not cry or hide and in our great surprise, he was already taught to “do the wee outside”! So when he came to the front door and just stood there and gazed at us, we knew what we’re up to next! My Kookie, my little ball of furry love.

Later on, as he grew, his translucent green eyes became light brown. But he is still our little Cucumber.

Mr Cucumber

One dark evening, a few months later, I was taking Kookie for a walk around our block. A big, dark car parked in front of our building and I didn’t pay much attention to it. But then a woman came out, carrying something. She walked to our door, put that something down and hurried back to the car. I came closer and saw a cat in a cardboard box. I ran for that woman yelling, wait, wait! But she sat in the car and rushed away burning rubber.

Well, of course she ran away. I mean, what was I thinking in the first place? That she will stop and say, please take our cat? You read and hear about this but when you actually see it…

Anyhow. I came to the door but the cat had already climbed to a nearby tree. I took some of Kookie’s treats and offered them to the cat. He ate it and then jumped into my arms.  And that was sealed too, I guess. We got a cat.

I came home carrying a cat in the box. My kids were delighted! We have a cat!, said my daughter, I’ve always wanted a cat! Some woman just dumped him at our door! I couldn’t just leave it there, said I to my husband, not knowing what he would say. And he, as loveable as he always is, said, OK, I guess we have a cat. But I draw the line with giraffes! 🙂

The cat went unnamed for a few days and then I said, this is Sir Nicholas. Why Nicholas? asked my family. Well, he looks like one, don’t you think? All dark, elegant, sleek and mysterious, kind of like Nikola Tesla. And they agreed 🙂

The vet said Nicholas is a male, 7 month old, happy and healthy cat. Aged just like Kookie too! So Mr Cucumber got another friend. They get along fine, they play, run around the house and even share the bed.

And how is everything now with 8 little paws jumping around the house?

Well, you have to sort a few things out. And yes, there were few flower pots broken and some adjustments had to be made. Like putting away the bread in the safe place, because Sir Nicholas has a great fondness for ripping the bread bags out and snacking bread, whenever he finds one!

But those two misters brought so much love and happiness to our already happy home. One can never have too much of that, don’t you think?

Do you have pets? And if you have more than one, how do they get along? Share your stories with me, I would love to hear!

Mr Cucumber

Our little pet story

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  1. Oh, they are both so beautiful, Mari – and what a wonderful story. I have goosebumps on my arms, reading about them!

    I don’t understand how people can just abandon animals like that, or not want them because they are the ‘wrong’ colour. All animals are beautiful, and should be loved, IMO.

    I am so glad that people with big hearts full of love exist – people like you, Mari. And I am truly privileged to be able to call you my friend! xx

    1. Thank you, my dear Nico, the privilege is all mine having you near me.

      I guess those little furr balls had to find their ways to our home so I’ll even say thank you to the lady that brought the cat to our door. I don’t know what forced her to do such a thing, especially nowadays when she could have gone to any pet group and say, “my kids are allergic”, “we are moving away for good and can’t bring the cat along”, or whatever! And no one would say a thing and someone would have taken the cat. But then the cat wouldn’t be here, right?

      So thanks to the circumstances, Sir Nicholas is here to stay 🙂

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