Kimchi! Korean fermented cabagge. Super healthy, full of fibres, vitamines, vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy stuff! Spicy, juicy, versatile, you gotta try it if you already didnt'!

Ladies and gentleman, It’s Majesty, The Kimchi! Of course, I had no idea what Kimchi was before I found Maangchi’s You Tube channel. Long before I went vegan, I made lots of her recipes and they all were flawless! Later on, when I omitted animal products, there were still lot’s of recipes to chose from […]

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Rice, rice! Fluffy, sticky or baked.

I can’t stop eating rice. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I just can’t stop eating rice for breakfast, for lunch, for everything. Rice, rice, rice. I don’t have many sorts in my pantry so it’s either basmati or arborio, or some no name cheap mushy-when-cooked rice, but rice it is. Mostly […]

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