Vegan Green peas & Carrot Stew on Rice

Vegan green peas and carrot stew on rice. Simple little dish packed with health and memories of Grandma's humble kitchen

  Vegan green peas and carrot stew on rice? My Grandma certanly wouldn’t call it that way but she would still make it. And she did, and we ate it often, especially in spring when her garden was bursting with fresh and thin spring onions and first little red raddish marbles rolling from the plate. […]

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Rice, rice! Fluffy, sticky or baked.

I can’t stop eating rice. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I just can’t stop eating rice for breakfast, for lunch, for everything. Rice, rice, rice. I don’t have many sorts in my pantry so it’s either basmati or arborio, or some no name cheap mushy-when-cooked rice, but rice it is. Mostly […]

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Rice coffee or the tale of the tail

Rice Coffee! Creamy beverage rich with foamy, nutty aroma!

When a Croatian child wants to drink coffee, his parents will most probably tell him: „Don’t! Or you’ll grow yourself a tail.“ That’s what I’ve been told, that’s what I heard being told to children all over the country in the last, ahem, few decades of my life. „Don’t drink coffee, or you’ll get a […]

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