20 Vegan Christmas Desserts

20 VEGAN CHRISTMAS DISHES - the best holiday recipes from my fellow vegan bloggers!

  Christmas is coming! I bet you already started baking cookies and planning what sweets you are going to sweeten this holiday with! Here I present you with the best sweet choice from my fellow vegan food bloggers. With this post and a few words, I want to thank you all, dear people, for reading […]

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Vegan Leftover Meatloaf

Vegan Leftover Meatloaf. Delicious, hearty, juicy and spicy. And what's more, so easy to make and use all those leftovers from the fridge!

Another vegan meatloaf, you say? Well, not the ordinary one. By ordinary, I mean not with lentils and stuff, rather with what you can find among your leftover containers in the fridge and your spice rack. To be clear, I do love red lentil meatloafs and they are great. I have one of those pending […]

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Vegan Lemon Banana Cookies

Vegan Lemon Banana Cookies, all soft with little crispiness, flakey, scented with beautiful and sparkly lemon juice and zest!

Seems like this is the cookies time of the year! And I love it. Cookies everywhere. With all kinds of yummy stuff both inside and outside. Beautifly decorated, made in warmth of your cozy kitchen, especially with your little ones around. This year December got to be anything but cosy and relaxed for me, rather […]

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The Simplest Vegan French Toast

The simplest Vegan French Toast for your most delicious breakfast! Soft, warm and golden savoury slices of bread will make your day even warmer!

I believe that french toast is among the first things that will remind us of childhood breakfasts. How many slices did our parents and grandparents made for us? It was one of those simplest things in kitchen that we were helping with our little hands. Now it’s all a bit different, but only a bit: […]

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Red Lentil Mashed Potatoes

Red Lentil Mashed Potatoes - simple and easy side dish for any day!

In this time of the year we are gathering festive recipes for our tables. May it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah or some other occasion, it is always nice to throw in a nice bowl of something else, to have few side dishes to chose from. Mashed potatoes are classic dish around the world and there’s […]

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Vegan Baked Three Bean Chilli

This Bean Chilli is creamy, spicy hot, hot (!), sweet and caramelised, rich and satisfying, perfect for a simple and quick dish on your table!

There’s something magical about Bean Chilli. Everyone has their own way of making it, everyone has some special ingredient that makes it ever so magical in the first place. Well, I don’t. At least I didn’t while I was making it, not because one doesn’t need his own magical ingredients in Chilli, but because I […]

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