Vegan Caramel Oat milk Coffee

Vegan Caramel Oat milk Cofee! So sweet, creamy and delicious, so easy to make. And you know what? Caramel milk is proven Grandma's caugh medicine!


When I was a child, my Mom used to make caramel milk for me when I had a caugh. I had to drink it really hot, she would say, and it would have helped me stop caughing. Well, I don’t remember how fast or not I would really stop caughing, but I remember I didn’t quite like that kind of milk. I guess it was too hot, too sweet, I guess I didn’t like to be ill and caughing, I guess our tastes change during our lives so… I don’t know. All I know I saw caramel milk coffee recipe at my friends blog Pomoravkina kuhinja and remembered. Firstly about caughing and then of the taste. Too sweet, I thought, but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way? Maybe it doesn’t have to be something to drink only when you are ill and more to it – there was coffee! That little detail was out of the recipe when I was a kid so all this caramel milk started to get more and more appealing. Untill I finally made it today.

Well. With another difference in milk itself – I used oat milk. And there was coffee. And more important – I was making it for myself and not because I’m caughing but because in my head I already had a picture of my little glass cups that I bought the other day, posing on my little wooden board.

And that was it. And it was so… not like when I was little. So delicious, so silky and creamy, enriched with coconut and a dash of cinnamon. Sweet but not too much, just enough caramel taste to sweeten the cup right. I didn’t drink it, I kind of… ate it? It has cooled down a bit while I took the photos so I just spooned all the beautiful coconut down into the cup and stirred a bit and enjoyed every little… well, it’s not a bite. A slurp? My English is insufficient here, I guess, but I think you’ll know what I mean.

So easy to make, so quick to serve and enjoy!

Vegan Caramel Oat milk Cofee! So sweet, creamy and delicious, so easy to make. And you know what? Caramel milk is proven Grandma's caugh medicine!

Only thing to be carefull of is to not to burn yourself with melted sugar (don’t taste it, for pete’s sake!), stir all the time and watch till it gets an amber colour and turn the heat off immediately. Otherwise, it will burn and taste bitter. And please don’t slurp everything in three gulps like I did because it is, in fact, coffee, and you don’t want coffee shots aiming at you. Have your time, have your coffee in peace and enjoy till the bottom of the cup.

So thank you, Zorica, for making me remeber this sweet medicine! On her blog, Zorica features authentic Serbian recipes and many, many more delices which are more sufficient to make both vegan and non vegan cooks to look into!

There is also another coffee recipe here: Rice coffee that even kids can enjoy!

Vegan Caramel Oat milk Cofee! So sweet, creamy and delicious, so easy to make. And you know what? Caramel milk is proven Grandma's caugh medicine!

Vegan Caramel Oat Milk Coffee

4 – 5 tbsp of plain sugar
2 cups oat milk or any non diary milk of your choice
2 tbsp instant coffee
shreded coconut or coconut butter or some ice cream or any other vegan heavy cream replacement you wish

Put the sugar into the heavy bottomed pan and stir on low heat constantly till the sugar melts and gets an amber colour. In the meantime heat the milk so when the sugar is melted, milk almost boils. Take the sugar of the heat, add milk and stir, sugar will first become firm and then simply melt. It happens quickly so just stir but be careful not to burn yourself. Add coffee and stir. Pour into the cup, put some coconut or whatever creamy delice of your choice, sprinkle some cinnamon and thats all the wisdom to it! You can serve it hot, warm, cold, how ever you like.

* And a little hint, if you want to use brown sugar. There are many recipes for caramelising brown sugar but many of them call for butter, which is not vegan and I didn’t try to make it so… if you do something with brown sugar, please let me know! Anyhoo, you CAN caramelize brown sugar but it’s a bit hard to know when it’s caramelized for obvious reason – it’s amber coloured already. When it melts, just a few stirs and bubbles and off it goes. But as for calories and what is healthier, I think it won’t be all that much of a difference. So instead of sugar you could use maple syrup or something, but then it’s something else than caramel milk but surely would be as tasty in this setup!

Don’t forget to Pin this sweet cup for later and let me know what you think! 😀 Do you have your own sweet coffee recipes?

Vegan Caramel Oat milk Cofee! So sweet, creamy and delicious, so easy to make. And you know what? Caramel milk is proven Grandma's caugh medicine!

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  1. Meni je baš nedavno zagorila šerpica dok sam sinu pravila uprženi šećer na mlijeku za kašalj! 🙂 On to baš voli, a meni se želudac digne kad se sjetim koliko je slatko! 🙂 Ali ova tvoja verzija je nešto totalno drugačije! Ja se nekad baš volim počastiti sa slatkom kavom jer obično pijem crnu bez mlijeka i šećera, a ovo mi dođe kao desert! Za takve prilike imam domaću karamelu u hladnjaku pa potpisujem da je kombinacija divna! Ovaj recept će mi odlično doći jer karamela koju pravim ima kratak rok trajanja, a rijetko ju koristim pa mi je zgodnije ovako pojedinačne ‘porcije’ praviti! Hvala! 🙂

    1. Tog se mlijeka nisam sjetila godinama. Baš što me podsjećalo na kašljanje i “preslatkost” ali me kava u Zoricinom receptu namamila! Ova količina šećera mi se čini manja od one koju je moja mama stavljala tako da… kava, kokos, cimet, nema da ne valja! 😀 Hvala, Majo, javi kako ti se svidjelo! 😀

  2. wow this looks like my kind of coffee! Love that it’s topped with all that coconut. Melting the sugar such a good idea! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Well, now 😉 Rakija has done enough rough of a job disinfecting my scraped knees and elbows when I was a child and falling from bike, haha! And as for others reading, rakija means schnaps and it surely disinfects cuts and bruises and acts as an aperitive so… 😉 and Pelinkovac, you know what they say – it’s made of so many herbs, it has to heal so many illnesses! Haha!

      Thanks for the recipe too, Nico! I was wondering about that caramel sauce thing but in vegan version… will try it!

    1. I agree, Sarah, coconut gives that final touch to it! And oat milk is always on hand, I make it myself so it’s the non dairy I use the most.

    1. Thank you, Amy 🙂 I am a coffee drinker but as the time goes, more and more I’m turning to tea and discovering new, beautiful beverages 🙂

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