Vegan Corn Gnocchi (with cornflour)

Vegan Corn Gnocchi. Easy, cheap and so quick to make! Perfect media to carry any sauce or veggies!

I really should make another section in my blog and name it Pastalicious Gnocchi Section or something. Because I really didn’t see all those noodles, dumplings, Gnocchi, Gnochetti’s and other-pasta-etti’s coming!

And yet they come, especially since I dragged my food processor out on the kitchen counter and putting it to good use. Corn Gnocchi, wheat Gnocchi, potatoe Gnocchi, Tahini Gnocchi, you name it. It’s simple, cheap and quick, it’s vegan, it’s just the right medium to carry some delicious veggies in the form of stew, cream soup, marinara or any saucy thing you can think of in a hurry or in any condition your pantry may be.

So here I give you Corn gnocchi, made with cornflour. If you’re still not sure what cornflour is, I’ll say this: the finest would be corn starch. Or any starch for the sake of comparison. Then it comes the corn flour. It’s somewhat rougher than all purpose or strong flour but it’s still flour. And then it’s cornmeal, or polenta, the roughest of all enlisted here. By it’s grind it’s similar to semolina. These Gnocchi are made with corn flour.

Vegan Corn Gnocchi

I make these Ghocchi often. I like the corn taste and a bit of roughness they get. I like how they pair with my tomato marinara made of my mom’s homemade tomato preserves. I like how they posed in this little old ceramic pot that was way too small for them but I liked them all dolled up with fresh parsley and sprinkled with mixed seeds, all shiny and steaming hot.

I really like these Gnocchi, even though they are not soft and all pillowy like potato ones, rather dense and chewy little cylinders those are. I have to cook them a little tad longer because of that “denseness” and I really adore them sprinkled with some good hot sauce or hidden within kimchi bowl.

And I hope you’ll like them too, just throw it all in your food processor and buzz for a few times, boil a big pot of water and there you go!

Vegan Corn Gnocchi

Vegan Corn Gnocchi
serves 2

200 g bread flour
100 g cornflour
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp olive oil
175 ml water

Salt, little vinegar or bayleaf for cooking water

Put everything into a food processor and whizz a few times till all comes together. You can also do it by hand in a bowl. Knead a little on the lightly floured surface and divide in few pieces. Roll each piece into a rope, as thick as your thumb. Cut little cylinders. Bring large pot of water to boil. Aside from salt, you can add a tbsp or two of vineggar or bayleaf if you like the taste.
Put Gnocchi into the water, stir to lift them up. When water starts to boil again, cook them for about 7 minutes more. Take the Gnocchi out with slotted spoon, drain in the collander, splash with some oil, toss and serve with some parsley, sauce and lots of love!

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  1. I’m not usually a fan of gnocchi, but I’ve had some nice ones at vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Thanks for posting this, I’d like to try it. 🙂

    1. They are the best if accompanied with some nice veggies or sauce, and nice alternative to noodles 🙂 thanks for stopping by, Nina, let me know if you try them! 🙂

  2. I love gnocchi and my mom is gluten intolerant so this is awesome I’m going to have to make it for her! (I’ll obviously switch the wheat flour for gluten free mix too!!!)

    1. I never made gnocchi with gluten free mix, so if you do, please let me know how you liked it! Thanks for stopping by, Liv, we also enjoy gnocchi often 🙂

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