VEGAN DEVOTED – New Facebook group for VEGAN RECIPES share and BLOG BOOST

You might already know about VEGGANGSTERS, Vegan group that I share with my dear Nuts and Walnuts readers and page fans. But since I’m Croatian, Veggangsters speak mainly Croatian. So that makes everyone else… akhem. A bit confused. Veggangsters are the dearest crowd so we speak English too with no problems, but still, it may feel odd for some people when everyone is blabbing about something and you don’t have a clue.

Therefore I made another VEGAN recipe sharing group called VEGAN DEVOTED. It’s entirely in ENGLISH and it gathers all food bloggers who want to share their vegan recipes, boost and promote their blogs, and everyone else who is interested in nice and delicious vegan food filled plate and chat!

SO FEEL FREE TO JOIN AND INVITE OTHERS! You are all most welcomed!

xx Mari

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