Vegan Parsley Potatoes

Vegan parsley potatoes! Easy to make, delicious addition to any occasion!

Parsley potatoes, another simple dish from my Mom’s arsenal. Easy to cook, delicious to eat. Saves a lot of time and effort to yearn presentable and very satisfying dish for any table, for any crowd. As a main or a side dish, this one can never go wrong!

My mom usually makes parsley potatoes in early spring – when new potatoes are still growing in her garden and old potatoes from last year need to be used. Along with the green peas and carrot stew, this one is also handed down to us by my Grandma.

Soft boiled potatoes, covered in little oil and enriched with fresh parsley leaves’ scent and beautiful taste, served piping hot and enjoyed on a nice plate with anything you think of: few slices of cool cucumber or sweet fresh tomatoes, sautéed green beans or cabagge and of course, few drops of some hot sauce, if you’re in that mood.

So how to make it? Here it goes, and it’s really simple:

Vegan Parsley Potatoes

1000 g potatoes (or any other amount you need, just adjust the rest)
few tbsp of oil (sunflower or any other with no strong aroma or scent)
salt, peper to taste
bunch of fresh parsley leaves

Boil peeled potatoes till they’re cooked. Drain. Heat the oil in the big pot, throw parsley leaves and stir for a quick second till they spread their aroma and wilt just a little. Add potatoes, stir gently not to mush them much and there you go!

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Vegan parsley potatoes! Easy to make, delicious addition to any occasion!

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  1. Oh this looks so tasty! I love using recipes passed down from family members it’s always nice to be able to share little bits of history.

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